A characteristic identity inspired by the fusion of elegant Arabian aesthetics and royal Thai arts


Handmade only by experts, with defined beauty and elegance to accommodate your lifestyle


A wide selection to choose from, ranging from lifestyle-accessories to home furnishings

To create the most glorious and magnificent products for you, our products harmonize the beauty of Arabian and Thai culture, passed down from one generation to another. Each piece is individually made by the hands of our experienced artists, professional and passionate.

The founder of Patum Dhana is a graduate from one of the most famous universities in Thailand, well-known for its mastery of fine arts. Years ago, she was given the opportunity to visit the countries of the Middle East, causing her to come across one of the most exquisite cultures in the world, the Arab culture. This has sparked inspirations for the design of our products, which is the integration of Arab and Thai arts, creating the elegant works of the Patum Dhana brand.

From perfume bottles and incense burners, to home furnishings and accessories, we offer variations of our distinctive designs made to suit your needs, as well as personality.

We are able to design exclusive and limited edition products to suit your wishes. We are also capable of engraving your logo on the products, which will place the givers in the hearts of the receivers of the gifts forever.